Project case by Asian InfrustructInvestment Bank(AIIB)

ASIAN INFRASTURE INVESTMENT BANK (AIIB) Beijing Asia financial building become the permanent office building covers an area of 6.1 hectares of the total size of 390 thousand square meters total dosage of steel structure of the steel body, 2 times that of the "bird's nest", on the green environmental protection idea,SAOSEN Furniture as office industry pioneer environmental protection, power of the Asian infrastructure investment bank, build multivariate composite of green environmental protection office environment.

Project name: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Project address: Beijing The Asian Infrastructure Bank is an inter-governmental multilateral development institution in the Asian region.It is the first multilateral financial institution set up by China and headquartered in Beijing. It aims to promote the process of building connectivity and economic integration in Asia and strengthen cooperation between China and other Asian countries and regions.As of July 2020, the AIIB has 103 member countries.

Staff area: Beveled edge design of the table, more comfortable to put the forearm on the table when working, relieve the fatigue caused by long time desk work, simple and elegant original wood color file cabinet, large capacity storage space, reasonable planning storage, create efficient office space.

Executive office: height adjusting function design can provide standing posture working mode, in order to meet the needs of people of different heights, so that people always keep the most comfortable office posture, achieve more free office work, in line with the trend of The Times, in order to create a flexible, healthy, flexible work style.

Meeting area: The twisty and rotating shape feet of the tornado platform are layered with powdered stone grain, which will give people a different sense of art and future architecture when observed from different angles.

Post time: Sep-24-2020