Saosen atwork Manager desk. N3 executive table with powder finishing

    Powder Coated MDF Color Options




N3 TableDimensions:L1600/1800/2000/2200*W750/950/950/1000*750MMDescriptions:Main desk only. Table top has cable box, has modesty and four legs. 25mm E1 powder coated MDF top, four white metal square legs.image4

N3 TableDimensions:L1600/1800/2000/2200/2400*W1600/1675/1725*750mmDescriptions:Desk with fixed side cabinet, has modesty, two metal legs. The side cabinet has 2-drawers, open shelf and open CPU holder. can be placed at left or right side when installation.


Powder Coated MDF Color Optionsimage11

Matching list: Executive tables / File cabinet /Low cabinet/ Coffee table/ Sofa /lounge / Chairs/ Wardrobe/ Rear cabinet/ conference meeting table/ Executive room/ Duel workstations/Staff table/ Cabin / Partition/Division/Desksatwork, supply the need to offer to the new mobile worker and inspiring destination outside of the traditional office space.


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