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Claudio Francesco Bellini (1963) is living and working in Milan, where he graduated in Architecture and Industrial design at the renowned Politecnico university in 1990.  

His strong fascination with creativity, is rooted in his early childhood years, inspired by his father Mario Bellini, whom counts as one of the most affluent figures in design history.

Today Claudio Bellini Design, recognized as one of the most influential European studios, is active within several fields of design, ranging from furniture to product and architecture, collaborating with leading companies worldwide including Walter Knoll; Steelcase; Poltrona Frau; Riva 1920.Many of its creations have received international design awards, among which the prestigious Red Dot, IF and Good design award.

Claudio Francesco Bellini (Italy)

Be Chair

Be Chair comes with choices of fabric version and PU Leather version. It’s soft and resilient, design with outstanding ergonomics and highly tactile materials. All the details are here: a very concise style, height-adjustable backrest , high resilience soft pad, 3D armrest with soft arm cap, soft-touch leather , abrasive and breathable fabric, a variety of bases and colors. Be Chair brings you ultimate comfort and flexible solutions.

Various Versions

Ergonomic Support

Everyone is different. The backrest of Be Chair is height adjustable, enabling you to lift it up or down to the right position. With a generous height adjustable range, Be Chair can comfortably fit more people.

Synchronised Tilt

The limiter that allows you to limit the recline angle within 22 degrees, the three-position lock that stops the backrest at three different angles. The tilting tension is adjusted by the knob under the seat.

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DONATI-DOPO Weight Sensitive Mechanism Plus Seat Slider

It’s always about choice with Be Chair: you can choose a weight sensitive mechanism whose tilting tension responds automatically to your body weight, adapting to fit you. Adjustments are made easy with a use-friendly lever control.

Seat height adjustment

Seat depth adjustment

Recline angle limiter

Super Slider

6-position Seat Slides is attachable to two version mechanisms of Be Chair. Press the handle and move the seat backwards or forwards to adjust the preferred position for even more comfort.

Desired Comfort

The waterfall edge is a contoured foam seat cushion that eases pressure beneath your thighs and maintains healthy blood flow to your legs.

High Tactile Materials

The PU leather lends charm to Be Chair, adding an aristocratic temperament to the whole chair and releasing a perfect and classic feeling to your room. Fabric upholstery brings more affinity and user-friendly.

Active Armrest Support

Arms move in three directions, letting you adjust their height, depth and width. Offers you relaxed gestures, Be Chair is perfect in every way.

● 9-position height adjustment (effective stroke:75mm)

● 7-position PU Pad forward and backward adjustment (effective stroke:40mm)

● 4-position PU Pad left and right adjustment (effective stroke:30mm)

Fits You

Lean in and find your most comfortable posture.






FC1802/Light Grey

FC1901/Dark Grey

PU Leather

PU0401/Light Grey

PU0402/ Burgundy


Flexible Solutions


Nylon Armrest/Grey

Aluminum Armrest/White painting


Nylon Base/Grey

Aluminum Base/White painting

Fixed Aluminum Base/White painting


Synchron mechanism 22°back tilting angle with 3 locking positions

DONATI-Dopo weight sensitive mechanism, 21°back tilting angle with 3 locking positions


6-position Seat Slider, attachable to both mechanisms

Packing Details


Carton Size: 32-1/2″L*15″W*26″H CBM:0.20

Packing: 1pcs per carton

N.W.: 22.2KG G.W.: 24.9KG

Loading: 20GP:148PCS//40GP:300PCS//40HQ:336PCS


Carton Size: 32-1/2″L*15″W*26″H CBM:0.20

Packing: 1pcs per carton

N.W.: 20.3KG G.W.: 23.0KG

Loading: 20GP:148PCS//40GP:300PCS//40HQ:336PCS


                                                     Carton Size: 32-1/2″L*15″W*26“H CBM:0.20

                                                     Packing: 1pcs per carton

                                                     N.W.: 21.2KG G.W.: 23.9KG

                                                     Loading: 20GP:148PCS//40GP:300PCS//40HQ:336PCS

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